NXP Microsites Guidelines


Provide detailed content for specific audiences or scenarios which demand different information architecture.

Key considerations

A microsite can be designed and developed based on the following criteria to determine if an Integrated or Standalone architecture is needed.

Consistent navigation, tied to the nxp.com corporate website-
Full header and footer as nxp.com-
Never know you’re on a 3rd party site-
NXP Branding: 3rd party and co-branded-
Admin control: settings, preferences or tools specific to the application-
Own search*-

*If there is an integrated microsite that needs own search it would be included in the white space. There could be some cases where the standalone microsites would redirect the search in nxp.com.


Guide users through specific paths and help them finding what they need by navigation.


This section contains all the content for the microsite, properly alligned with the look and feel of the NXP brand experience.