Third party header/footer implementation

In the past we have asked you to add a number of javascript libraries and scripts, our global stylesheet and boilerplate html markup.See examples here.

This often causes issues on third party sites where javacript or CSS overrides default layouts.

We have implemented a new approach that bundles all the html, javascript and CSS styles into one javascript file that is resourced from cached servers.

Please add the code below at end of<body> section.
You may need to change the nxp-site-id value so please check with us before you do this.

<script type="text/javascript" src="//" nxp-site-id="default" id="nxp-site"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
  includeEbizJs(true); //Set to False if jquery is not included on the page.

Then, where you want the header navigation to appear add the following:

<div id="nxp-header"></div>

And where you want the footer to appear add the following:

<div id="nxp-footer"></div>

That is it!

Please work with your business liason to address any issues.

Existing - Legacy NXP third party members

Since the new javascript will incorporate all the html, styling and code necessary to work there is no need to load anything other than what is shown above. Unless needed for your own site you should remove any<link>, <script>or html markup related to the NXP header or footer. If you need assistance with this please contact your NXP business liason.